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How much should you invest in online marketing? Look to other successful flooring retailers and see what they are spending.

Use our Online Marketing Calculator to help you define the right budget for your flooring business and ensure that you have the same opportunity as other retailers to identify and engage online consumers and bring them into your store to buy.

Start by entering your annual revenue, define the % of revenue that you want to spend on marketing (6% is the industry average ) and define what percentage of marketing should be spent online (small businesses now spend approximately 50% via online marketing and 50% on traditional marketing).

*FloorDaily 2016 Dealer survey states the average flooring dealer invests 6% of annual revenue into marketing

** Pew Research data states that in 2016 the average small business spends half their total marketing dollars in online marketing

Annual Revenue

Marketing Investment

% of Revenue Spent on Marketing*

Online vs. Traditional

% of Total Marketing Budget Spent Online**